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Blogging is my absolute favorite thing to do. I love doing the research, coming up with a list of ideas for you to choose from, creating catchy titles, being as original and eloquent as possible and sometime going a little over the line and becoming provocative or taking a social stand if that's what you want to portrait with your brand or yourself. Blogging has taught me how efficient words still are over images. Blogging is the main way to have people subscribe to your page to come back for more if they liked what they read. I enjoy blogging with the heart, using sublime messages and not too many adjectives! I call people to action, never pilling up empty words just to make more, I usually have to work on cutting back my texts as I just have so much to say!

​This service comes with two-three hours of research is SEO wording. Spanish version from €50




From that first moment someone enters your page, the wording is telling them who you are, what you say, what you think, how much effort do you put into your message. I create all the text and wording for your web platform from scratch to craft your voice and your message loud, clear and as attractive as I possibly can!

​Hourly rate. Add your website in Spanish as well for €150




Crafting content for magazines, books, music and anything in the creative spectrum. I deeply enjoy finding new ways to present a story like the most exciting thing on earth! We can write a groovy news release, a great book introduction, a presentation for your movie, a note for that magazine or anything that requires original wording and punchy sentences. Inspire and even provoke or incite. Desire can be put into words, and it can  be contagious too.

​Spanish version to add from €50




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