Writing was my way…writing was always there for me; writing translated the unexplained questions of my soul.

Words on the lips can be full of emotions and senseless sometimes, but words on the hand are always meaningful. The process is different and being lasting and physical forces us to be more careful, more precise with what we let out. The written word is one of the most powerful healing tools and yet not many people are using it.

It can be intimidating; it can be something even uncomfortable. Perhaps you never tried because you think you are not good at writing. You have it or you don´t, that´s a fallacy. Maybe you think writing is for writers, but I tell you, do you think music is only for musicians? Or food can only be made by cooks? So why not try to work through emotions with it when is such a potent device? Shame perhaps? No one else has to read it, or everyone can read it, you decide.

But what I mean is don´t deprive yourself of the opportunity to get things out of your head. The funny thing is (and this is something most people who write can agree upon) once you hold that pen or type that key, is no longer you who is writing. You become quiet, and the true self, that voice you are not sure where comes from, starts to tell hers/his truths. You disassociate yourself and become an observer of your own life and emotions. It can be a poem or a song but use those words that can burn your throat on their way and you never really let them out as you need to. Those words are there, waiting to be set free. They are roaming your mind, clotting your body, slowing you down.

Sometimes we also have trouble with positive words of love, sometimes the right set up can inspire us to express our most tender, untold feelings, connecting us with others and strengthening our self-worth.

There is an incredible universe of meaning waiting to help us make sense of our experiences, our existence and give us perspective into the future. I have been for a long time thinking and thinking how I can best channel my energy in the service of others. I have had many ideas, but I never stuck with one and now I know why. Writing was my own safe place, my connecting to myself and I wasn’t ready to show it or share it. But now, years later, I can feel relatable, the more I connect with others the more I see I was suffering from the same as everyone else: life. I grasped finally the pain I suffered that was so mine, so personal, so hidden, is the same pain we all feel, we all struggle with, we all try to hide. I realized all I have to do is just tell that to whoever wants to hear it, you are your own healer, the tools are all in you. The Word was here in the universe before we were, it is not a human invention, it´s another gift from the universe, another hidden secret we need to unravel. This meaning is linked to each one and to all of us. Words are symbols, like numbers or like geometry. They appear in our dreams and help us heal. When you put them on paper, you give them existence and they will show you clarity and sense.

It is time you start recording the story of your life, some day when you want to see how far you have come, how much you have lived, they will be an recorded proof of memories and dreams. Not like pictures or videos, they will be your own perception, perception changes and in those words, sometimes you won´t believe what you once wrote, it´s remarkable. Don´t be shy to show yourself vulnerable, because that is the way supreme strength.

Start today.

What´s in your head?


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